What's On

Church three ways

1) Join us online

For zoom worship e-mail churchwarden@speh.org.uk for joining details

Join us on zoom on Sundays at 10am.  The order of service is below.

Zoom Worship 22nd November 2020

Reflection 22nd November 2020

Together at Home 22nd November 2020

Sunday 8th Zoom - We won't be holding our usual Zoom Worship service but will still meet on zoom at 10am for a short time of informal prayer. Do join us if you are able.

Prayers during the week on Zoom:

Night Prayer is held on Wednesday at 9.30pm and Morning Prayer on Saturday at 9.30am.

2) Join us in church 

hc distanced

During the November lockdown public worship has been suspended so there are no Communion Services.  Private prayer is able to continue and the church is open on Sundays and Wednesdays from 11.30-12.30.  Please follow the social distancing and hygeine protocols, and facecoverings are now required.

Between now and the end of the year we have a prayer cairn in church where stones can be placed to remember a loved one who has died - see the information below: 

Invitation to remember a loved one who has died

Remembering a loved one prayer resources

Communion Order of Service

3) Join us at home

The Archbishops have asked us to use the November lockdown as a particular time of prayer for our Nation.  We're especially invited to join together to pray at 6pm each evening, and a suggested order of service can be found below, together with other material for prayer during the day and at night:

Prayer for the Nation booklet

Morning Prayer

Night Prayer

We deliver packs of information to those who would like to join us in prayer and worship but aren't able to access in other ways.  If you know someone in the parish who is unable to come to church or access our on-line services and would like to receive a pack do let us know.



Some material from previous weeks can be found on the links below

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Remembering Together

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St Luke Reflection

Resources for St Luke's 18th October 2020

Heroes of the Faith for Black History Month

Exploring Harvest Together at Home

Reflection for 27th September 2020

Reflection on Forgiveness

Emotion cards from Together at Home

God's Kindness Reflection

Reflection on Peace

Reflection Reflection on Fruit of the Spirit Loveon Romans 8

Reflection and activities 19th July 2020

Psalm Prayer Walk Psalm 1

A passage to unpack

Resources 21st June 2020 Birds

Reflection on Matthew 9:35 - 10:8

A reflection on Rublev's icon

Pentecost reflection

An hour with the Lord's Prayer to use at any time

Whirlwind Activities

Living Stones Reflection

A rock hunt resource for families